An 8-year-old boy narrowly avoided tragedy last week in Pennsylvania when he jumped from the family's car moments before it crashed.

Charles Cole often liked to listen to music in the family's Cadillac Escalade. Shortly before 7 p.m. on May 14, he inadvertently placed the car in reverse, and the car began rolling down a steep hill outside the family's home in suburban New Castle, Pa. The 8-year-old then leaped from the runaway vehicle.

"When I jumped out, the tire went over my leg," he tells WPXI-TV in Pittsburgh. "I thought it was broken, but God saved me."

He suffered minor injuries and is temporarily walking with a walker, according to police, but did not break his leg. The Escalade crashed into a parked Plymouth Voyager. Both cars suffered damage.

His mother, Mary Cole, 34, said she had no idea her son was playing in the vehicle. She was inside a house, unloading clothes. "I'm a good mother," she said. "It happened that quickly, because kids are kids."

Authorities nonetheless charged her in relation to the accident. They told WPXI that Cole knew there was an extra ignition key in the van and that Charles often liked to listen to music. She was charged with child endangerment.

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