Nissan has finally wrapped up work on its crowd-sourced project 370Z. The company put the sports car on a dyno for final tuning and wound up with somewhere around 504 horsepower. That's not too shabby given the jump in gusto was gleaned from a few bolt-on parts.

Nissan then set about fitting the steering wheel and shift nob as chosen by the teaming internet masses. A set of custom Recaro seats also replaced factory buckets. With the interior squared away, the company turned its eye toward ironing out the exterior.

A set of lightweight forged Volk wheels took the place of the factory rollers, and a new matte grey vinyl wrap took care of the standard yellow paint. Nissan debuted its creation at Z Dayz last weekend. Scroll down for a look at the video for yourself.

Nissan 370Z Information

Nissan 370Z

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