The fourth installment of Ken Block's Gymkhana series was aptly subtitled "The Hollywood Megamercial." We know Ken needs to sell some DC Shoes apparel to pay for these lavish drifting productions, but the sales pitch stole the spotlight from the action in Gymkhana 4. Ever wonder what the video would have been like without the special effects and clothing commercials?

It took them the better part of a year, but DC Shoes has finally released a bonus edit that removes the "Hollywood" parts of the video, leaving just the gymkhana parts that we all clicked Play to watch in the first place.

Cutting out the special effects and infomercial aspects shortens the video from a weighty 9:16 to a lithe and focused 5:11. The difference between the two vids is most apparent by comparing when the Ford Racing rally Focus leaves the starting line. Original video: 1:25. New edit: 0:09. Over a minute was saved just by cutting the clip of Ken Block on fire and nixing the opening credits for his wardrobe. Another two minutes was saved at the end by leaving the Bollywood dance on the cutting room floor.

Scroll down to watch the new bonus edit that lets the viewer better appreciate the skill required to perform such stunts, as well as the original version. You can also click here to watch a YouTube Doubler of the videos playing side-by-side.

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