Sold on eBay for $90 (plus a $10 shipping fee), the Habitents Toyota Prius tent turns your Liftback model (2003-present model years) into an efficient little camper. We're not sure why using this is any easier than just setting up an actual tent or what, really, it gets you, but maybe we're just not the target market. At least the Habitent packs small – the sellers say it fits into the glove compartment – which appeals to our sense of frugality. It's better looking than the Prius Relax Cabin conversion, that's for sure.

When all set up, the Prius tent offers around 80 by 40 inches of sleeping space and a large zippered door and windows. Of course, if you're going to be using your Prius as your bed, you can't be carrying too much luggage as it's just take up your napping area. We suppose you could put your stuff into waterproof – maybe animalproof, depending on where you're camping – containers to leave outside overnight, so the right person or couple could make this work.

Check out a video of how to set up the Prius tent below.

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