If you sift through eBay Motors like a junkyard dog looks for bones, you may have already come across a Studio Effect image from Dimostra. They look a little out of place in an eBay Motors auction gallery, perhaps because they're a bit too perfect compared to the usual lot of hastily snapped images. The irony, however, is that these glossy-looking glamor shots don't come from a physical studio at all, but are rather the result of renting the Photoshop expertise of Dimostra's digital artists to turn those hastily snapped images into something special.

This Chicago-based company offers a number of services related to vehicle photography, but the Studio Effect is what caught our eye. Company spokesman and partner David Nawrocki tells Autoblog that many hours of Photoshop manipulation go into each Studio Effect image despite the price of just $49 per image. Doesn't sound reasonable to you? Try finding an independent digital artist with skills like this and see what he charges. That price includes a digital copy of the resulting Studio Effect image, but Dimostra also offers accessories on which you can emblazon your Studio Effect shot – everything from a keychain and coffee mug to a T-shirt or framed gallery picture.

We were curious how the process works, so we sent Dimostra some images of one of our own cars – a 1986 Porsche 911 Turbo – to see what they could do. Turnaround time was a few days, during which time the company helped us choose the best image to use from ones we already had, as well as offered tips on how to go out and shoot the sort of image that results in the best looking Studio Effect shot. Check out the results in the gallery above, as well as some other before-and-after shots from the Dimostra artists.

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