Did you know the Chevrolet Volt can outrun a gaggle of slow-rambling zombies? Did you know that even in an apocalyptic wasteland, beautiful women will drive freshly washed cars? These are two of the messages in a new ad (of sorts) for the plug-in hybrid that was created by Josh Soskin for the Mofilm Barcelona 2012 Video Contest.

The spot, viewable below, makes an odd case against gas anxiety (for lack of a better word) by showing a mid-1980's Mazda 323 running out of gas, which then allows a brain-hungry zombie horde from catching up. The deus ex machina turns out to be a Volt, which carries our heroes to safety. The big question: does that Volt include zombie-killing shotguns, hung from a gun rack?

Now, a fully charged, fully refueled Volt can go around 375 miles. If these guys really want to go the distance, what they really need is a good hypermiler and/or a diesel car (1,600+ miles!). Or, if the gasoline supply has been damaged, how about a solar-powered long-distance vehicle, something like the Solar Taxi. But that's applying logic to what's supposed to be a commercial, which is always a losing experiment. The ad is still kind of funny. Watch it here, and you can see the contest's runners-up here.

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