Watch this Artega GT blast around an unfinished track filmed with a quadrocopter

You don't hear too much about the Henrik Fisker-designed Artega GT, but its occasional appearances are always welcome. In this episode of Where's Artega Now?, the folks at eGarage worked with Germany's Christopher Kippenberger, who make a quadrocopter designed for capturing aerial footage.

A day was spent at Germany's Blister Berg Drive Resort, essentially a German version's of Spain's Ascari Race Resort. One slight difference: Blister Ber's track isn't finished, so the Artega was left to drift it out over the construction site threading around haulers and front-end loaders.

Kippenberger's quadrocopter is of his company's design, meant to bring both Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and helicopter shots into the range of the enthusiast video shooter. At $5,000, it's not cheap, but that's a steal compared to other UAVs – and just pennies compared to a helicopter – and each unit is built-to-order.

But enough reading. Have a look at what it and the Artega GT can do in the video below.

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