Volvo recently unveiled yet another model year of the impossibly old XC90 – promised to be the final one before a complete redesign. But the overripe vintage of the first SUV to fall from Volvo's vine isn't stopping corporate parent Geely from absconding with the platform to launch a new high-end brand for China.

According to China Car Times, Volvo's new XC90 will be launching in 2014, and after that the original will soldier on in China, at least in some form. The report does not make clear whether the first-generation XC90 will merely be re-badged, or if the platform will be used for a new Geely design.

Geely launched its first SUV, the GX7, at this year's Beijing Auto Show, according to the report.

Volvo XC90 Information

Volvo XC90

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