Sitting behind a Lamborghini Gallardo at a traffic light in suburban Chicago, a passenger taking a video tape of the high-priced vehicle says, "He's going to be gone," when the traffic light changes.

The Lamborghini wasn't gone. It was merely a goner.

Instead of proceeding through the left turn with little fanfare, the driver of the ostentatiously yellow Lambo accelerated so quickly that he lost control and skidded through the turn.

On southbound Wheeling Road, he lost control, veered across the double-yellow line and plowed the $225,000 sports car between two vehicles that had been waiting at a light. Police cited William Whitaker, 39, for failing to reduce speed and avoid an accident, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Chicago's CBS 2 attempted to interview Whitaker about the crash, which occurred on Sunday. But after a reporter asked him what happened, Whitaker reportedly told the station he expected a better question and hung up.

That led the station to report that no one was hurt in the incident, "except perhaps Whitaker's ego."

Whitaker was a bit more cooperative with police. In a police report of the incident, he told officers that he "just lost it" as he accelerated.

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