It's taken three years but the Great Britain is finally ready to introduce laws to make driving while impaired by illegal and legal drugs against the law. While Britain's Home Office waitied for approval of a mobile drug-testing unit – currently drug testing is done at the police station – ministers have been working on the details of the law to fall under the Crime, Communications and Court Bill.

The drugalyzers are expected to be ready by the end of the year and will be able to detect up to 13 drugs from cocaine and crack to certain prescription medications in a driver's saliva. An advisory panel is devising penalties for operators found to be impaired and considering the idea of differing penalties for different drugs various, but a one-year ban, jail time and a four-figure fine are looking like front runners.

The run-of-show would be that if a policeman pulls you over and suspects impairment, he'll test for alcohol first. If, in the policeman's eyes, that doesn't explain your horrid driving, he'll test for drugs. If you fail the drug test you'll be taken to the station and tested again on their fixed machine, to verify the findings. And if you decline to be tested at all, it'll be considered the same as declining a breathalyzer.

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