We will cop to having arrived at work suffering from memory loss, but never from hitting a moose. At least not that we can remember, anyway.

It's a story that verily defines "news of the weird," courtesy of CNN: A Canadian woman not only hit a moose with her car on her way to work, she drove some 25 miles after the collision, unaware that she had struck the beast. But this was no glancing blow. The force of the impact killed the moose, but not before it had shattered the windshield and peeled back the roof of the Michelle Higgins' Chrysler Sebring.

The woman was traveling on the Trans-Canada Highway in Newfoundland, according to the report, when the accident occurred. When Higgins arrived at work – on time, mind you – she had blood streaming down her face and was unaware of what had transpired. Her injuries included two broken bones in her neck, bruises, a hoof print on her forehead... and memory loss. Scroll down to watch the remarkable video report from CNN.

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