Certain videos, when the protagonists speak a foreign language, don't need subtitles: Mexican telenovelas, dolphins in love and auto racing are but three. Although the narration is in Spanish and there isn't any racing in this video of former WRC Champion Carlos Sainz and current DTM driver Miguel Molina lapping the Autódromo Terramar, the action needs no translation.

Terramar, in Spain, is the second oldest racing track in Europe after England's Brooklands, built in 1922 to host Grand Prix cars. Its owner's vision stretched further this his financial backing, so the two-kilometer oval track with 60-degree bankings hosted only one sanctioned race in 1923. After that, it was used sporadically, holding its last event in 1950. It is now part of land used for a chicken farm.

That didn't stop Sainz and Molina from seeing how fast they could lap the 80-year-old circuit in a Red Bull Racing Audi R8 LMS. The video is a bit long, but it's well-shot and definitely worth watching for the high banking and bumpy airborn Audi shots alone. Check out the action by scrolling down to watch the video.

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