Shifting gears on a manual transmission was once the only way to get places. These days there are automatics, sequentials, DCTs, CVTs... you name it. But some among us are still faithful to the old three-pedals-and-shift-lever setup. Like the guys in The Fast and The Furious movies.

All told, there have been five full-length features in the series. And that makes for a lot of shifting. A whole lot of shifting. And if you've ever watched any of them, you'll likely recall that the film editors barely missed a single shift – which is probably more than we could say for some of the actors actually performing said shifting.

Now, someone admittedly with way too much time on his hands has put them all together into one video montage. So if you haven't got the time to sit through all five instalments of the saga, the video below ought to get you up to speed, so to speak.

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