Called the "world's first e-quadricycle," a small EV from Ample International was on display at the Electric Vehicle Symposium (EVS26) in Los Angeles this week. Named the Eo, the one-seat (or two- or three-seat) vehicle has a maximum speed of 65 kilometers per hour (40 miles per hour) and has a range of 200 km (124 miles), according to a representative at the booth. Ample's Shida Zheng told the Neon Tommy website, that, "It is a four-wheeled motorcycle, completely powered by electricity."

The design is certainly interesting. There are no side mirrors, as the Eo relies instead on backward-facing cameras that pump a live feed into a screen on the left side of the wraparound dashboard. The interior is unlike any other vehicle we've seen, with a driver's seat up front and a flexible space in back that has two seats that can fold down from the sides of the vehicle, sort of like on trains. Since they're directly across from each other, we imagine knees will be touching.

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