Here's one from the unsurprising file: The Consumer Electronics Association has written the National Traffic Safety Board in opposition to the proposed ban on hands-free calling.

According to The Detroit News, CEA is all for efforts to create technological solutions to the distracted driving problem, which makes perfect sense, as those products or features would be one more thing for its member firms to sell. To its credit, CEA did write that it supports banning texting and restricting phone use by young drivers.

But the organization insists that there is no "real-world evidence" to support prohibiting all phone use in vehicles, according to the report. In support of its position, it played the makeup card, saying that other distractions like "eating, drinking, applying makeup and engaging with children" would also need to be banned.

The NTSB proposal to ban hands-free calling is somewhat peculiar in that it would ban calls through a paired cell phone, but not calls through a phone built into the vehicle, like the OnStar system from General Motors. The recommendation has been controversial, with even Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood failing to get on board with the idea.

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