German car magazine Auto Bild reports Porsche is planning build a sedan that will slot below the Panamera and compete directly with the Mercedes-Benz E-Class. Citing no sources (so a grain of salt is recommended), the magazine claims the four-door, codenamed Pajun, will cost no less than $84,000 and be ready for production no later than 2017.

In September 2011, Car claimed the Pajun could spawn coupe, convertible and even a shooting brake variant. Back then, rumors swirled about powertrain options that included a 550-horsepower V6, 600-hp V8, plug-in hybrid and an Audi-sourced diesel.

Hopefully, Porsche is also working expeditiously to find a better name than Pajun, which in Korea is a seafood pancake, in Finnish it means willow, and, according to Google's translation, in Welsh it means – wait for it – Cajun. That's the name Porsche was using to refer to its smaller-than-Cayenne SUV before changing it to Macan in February. Clever coincidence.

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