Tiny city cars are becoming a big business in overseas markets. Mercedes-Benz was a pioneer in the segment with the entire Smart brand, Toyota tackles it with the iQ, Volkswagen recently launched the Up! (along with the Skoda and Seat versions that came along with it), and soon Opel and Vauxhall will, as well.

The new city car, snapped last month undergoing testing at the Nürburgring and released in this latest pair of "official" spy shots, promises to give General Motors a slice of the city-car pie. But its nameplate has left us scratching our heads. The project has at times been referred to as the Junior or the Allegra, but has now been officially confirmed to be called the Adam.

The name is an apparent nod to the company's founder, Adam Opel, and in its invasion follows the same formula as the Ferrari Enzo – albeit and the complete opposite end of the spectrum. If this emerges as a new naming trend, we should be looking forward to seeing models like the Ford Henry, Chevrolet Louis, Lamborghini Ferruccio and Porsche Ferdinand flooding showrooms in the near future. Before that, though, expect the Opel Adam to debut at the Paris Motor Show in the fall... hopefully without the camouflage.

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