BMW did quite a bit to differentiate the new 3 Series from the old one, but arguably the biggest development in that department is the splitting of the model line. Because the new 3 Series is only the sedan and wagon. The coupe and cabrio are branching off as the 4 Series, similar to the 6 Series (as distinct from the 5 Series), the old 8 Series (separate from the 7 Series) and what's expected to emerge of the 2 Series from the new 1 Series.

Following earlier spy shots of the 4 Series convertible with its roof up in the rain and in the snow, this is our first look at the upcoming new model being driven the way it's meant to be driven: with its top down and the sun shining.

Unfortunately our view is a little obscured by all the swirly camouflage, so we'll have to wait until its anticipated debut sometime next year to see the whole package. But you can check out the spy shots now for a sneak preview.

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