We've been guilty of putting a vehicle or three on two wheels occasionally, but never on purpose. James "Ski" Smith, on the other hand, has made a habit of standing a car on edge for extended periods of time. That's impressive enough by our standards, but Smith recently attempted to take his skills to the next level by piloting a fox body Ford Mustang all the way around Laguna Seca. Why an old Mustang? Probably because no one would shed a tear if the car wound up on its roof.

Unfortunately, Smith ran into another piece of trouble before he could tackle the track's more daring corners. The extreme angle caused oiling issues with the V8 engine, flooding one bank with oil while depriving the other. As a result, Smith came to a stop just past Turn Six. Still, he hopes to try again soon. May we suggest he take something a little better suited to the task? A Chevrolet Volt, mayhaps? Scroll down to check out the clip for yourself.

Ford Mustang Information

Ford Mustang

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