Even though Toyota's unintended acceleration debacle is as ancient as Jurassic fleas for most of us, the California Distric Court of Judge James Selna is still chainsawing through a massive docket of claims. Judge Selna had been considering whether plaintiffs in California, New York and Florida could sue Toyota for economic loss related to the claims of unintended accleraton – the plaintiffs wanted Toyota to reimburse them for the alleged decline in value of their cars.

According to a report in Bloomberg, Selna issued a final ruling that the New York and Florida plaintiffs can't sue for economic loss if they didn't experience unintended acceleration, or if they didn't experience "a measurable loss" when selling their cars. California plaintiffs, on the other hand, can sue even if there was no unintended acceleration event or perceived depreciation.

The ruling could remove millions of owners from of plaintiffs and make an economic-loss class action lawsuit more difficult, but plaintiffs attorneys have said they'll try to get the cases tried in New York and Florida courts. However, the ruling doesn't affect other plaintiffs suing over the same issue in other states. This doesn't affect the unintended accleration cases, though; three litmus-test trials are scheduled for next year.

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