Volvo will start V60 diesel plug-in hybrid deliveries in Europe by year-end

If you're European and have a cool $80,000 at your disposal, you probably don't have to worry fuel costs. Volvo would like to give you the option to care about them even less, though, just in case.

Across the pond, the Swedish automaker plans to start deliveries of its V60 diesel plug-in hybrid by the end of the year, Plugin Cars reports. Volvo is taking orders for the car, which will sell for about $81,000 at current exchange rates. That's about $19,000 more than the regular V60. In countries like France, though, government incentives aimed at boosting electric-drive vehicle sales could shrink that premium to about $10,000.

Volvo unveiled the V60 plug-in at last year's Geneva Motor Show. The car will have a 2.4-liter five-cylinder turbodiesel engine paired with a 70-horsepower electric motor and battery that provides an all-electric range of as much as a 32 miles.

Volvo has said it is investing more than $ 2 billion in research and development specifically geared towards cutting its vehicles' greenhouse-gas emissions. Last June, Volvo i ntroduced a battery-electric prototype of its C30 that the automaker said would be available for leasing customers by the end of this year. It, too, isn't cheap.

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