John Liu, New York City comptroller, has said he won't register the contract for a fleet of new Nissan taxis until every last one is made wheelchair accessible. There are currently just 231 cabs with wheelchair ramps in the city, though that number will jump by another 2,000 units next year. Even so, Liu said the current cab system is "separate and unequal." The city comptroller signs off on every contract the city makes, but Liu doesn't technically have the authority to block the contract unless there's evidence of corruption. While speaking at his press conference, Liu admitted as much during questioning from reporters.

According to The New York Post, Liu may be attempting to draw attention away from a federal probe into his campaign finances as he vies to be a mayoral candidate in the next election. While he says he takes the federal investigation seriously, he also plans to continue with the work of his office and his blossoming campaign for mayor.

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