Nissan has already begun spinning wrenches on the company's crowd-sourced project 370Z, and the automaker has been kind enough to craft a well-made video documenting the build. Fans of the brand chose a GReddy twin turbo kit, which should crank up the 3.7-liter V6 to the tune of around 500 horsepower. The Stage One clip follows the build as technicians dismantle the front of the sports car, yank the engine and bolt on the aftermarket goods. Fans also chose a GReddy Ti-C catback exhaust to help the engine breathe a little easier while hustling down the track, so the pipes go on next.

Nissan plans on documenting the full build before unveiling the project at the upcoming ZDayz 2012. If you're curious about the creation, you can follow along on the Nissan Performance Facebook page. In the mean time, scroll down to check out the video for yourself.

Nissan 370Z Information

Nissan 370Z

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