"Dogs in Cars" will cheer you up

Having a ruff day on the road? Don't take it out on other drivers, do what dogs do when they're out for a ride. Director Keith Hopkin takes to California's highways and byways and films eight dogs "doing what they love to do," he says on his Vimeo channel.

The video captures that pure enjoyment of a dog's nose in the wind, the sun on his fur and not having a care in the world. There's even a slow motion montage where each dog closes his eyes, smiles and dreams of bacon.

Perhaps one of the best moments is at 1:04 when Beans the dog rides past a Bugatti Veyron and checks it out. Dogs may not know cars, but they do know a good breeze.

Of course, it doesn't appear any of the dogs are strapped in to their seats, which is illegal in California. The Golden State requires pets be buckled up on in a cage when riding in a car. Then again, the unharnessed pooches won't get a ticket, their owners will. Scroll down to watch the video, and click here for the creator's Facebook page if you want to become a fan.

Bugatti Veyron Information

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