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Mini has made it clear that it is hard at work on a successor to the automaker's bread-and-butter Cooper. Word has it we'll get our first glimpse at the next-generation Mini toward the end of next year, and when it debuts, Sonny Lim believes the machine will be smaller, more mainstream and far less gimmicky than the current creation.

Having served as the senior designer with BMW DesignWorksUSA, Lim knows a thing or two about BMW styling. His sketches show a modern three-door hatch that's still easily-identifiable as a Mini thanks to bulging fender arches pushed far to the vehicle's corners, pie-plate headlights and a traditional Mini grille.

Lim says the next-generation Cooper will be more true to the concept of the original Cooper. Measuring in at just 140.6 inches from stem to stern, the Mini Zero Concept is shorter than the current hatchback and just slightly longer than the the now deceased Mini Rocketman Concept. The clipped size means the Zero weighs in at 1,851 pounds, which should help it yield better fuel economy and performance with minimal changes to the drivetrain. Head over to Behance.net for a deeper dive.

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