Saab devotees rally to save last 9-3

The folks over at Saabs United have been a fixture on the Swedish automobile scene for some time now, cementing themselves as the hub for all manner of Saab news and gossip as the fight to keep the brand alive has ebbed and flowed over the past couple of years. So significant was SU's bond with the automaker that its principle, Steven Wade, had the ear of buyer Victor Muller throughout the General Motors extrication process, and eventually Wade went to work for Saab itself, leaving others to run the website.

With Saab having slipped into bankruptcy and the company's Trollhättan plant idled, Saabs United now finds itself at the center of a new fight – an effort to preserve the final 9-3 – possibly the final Saab ever. An Arctic White Griffin sedan, the 9-3 exists in a state of partial build but is scheduled for final assembly at the end of this month. The car is part of a special batch of about 50 partially finished cars and a cache of spares that Trollhättan dealership group ANA purchased from Saab's bankruptcy estate, and it will be for sale. Saabs United has taken it upon itself to rally the faithful in an attempt to purchase the car for donation to the Saab Cars Museum, which was itself only recently saved.

It seems only fitting that the 9-3 Griffin would join other final examples of various models in Saab's history at the Museum, but even then, the car's fate might not be entirely secure. According to SU, "A number of cars at the museum from the history of Saab that was written in the last two years are NOT secured. They are either borrowed to the museum or are still missing."

As of this writing, the funding effort is well on its way, with Saabs United faithful and various clubs and investors having raised over 15,000 Euros (around $19,750 USD), with a goal of 28,500 Euros ($37,500) within the next 18 days. If the total amount needed is not reached, fundraiser proceeds will still go to the Saab museum, and if extra money is raised, it'll be donated, too. If you're interested in learning more or making a donation, click here.

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