Toyota may seek to reposition Scion in the wake of slower sales, according to Automotive News. It's been 10 years since the Japanese automaker unveiled its youth-oriented brand, and Toyota recognizes that the original target demographic has officially grown up. After concluding a nine-month review of the Scion brand, the parent company has decided to move away from quirkiness and toward more mainstream creations.

Models like the FR-S and iQ serve more traditional buyers than the nameplate's best-selling xB, though Jack Hollis, Scion vice president, says the future of the boxy five-door remains uncertain. While speaking with Autmotive News, Hollis said the company may not replace the model with a "one-for-one" interpretation of the box as buyers are less and less interested in funky exterior designs.

Scion suffered dearly during the sales downturn of 2008 and 2009. By 2011, the company's numbers had fallen to within 25 percent of its 2006 volume. With consumer credit tightening by the day, recent college graduates have reportedly found it difficult to finance a brand-new Scion. Hollis says sales are on the mend, and the company is cautiously optimistic. In the meantime, expect to see Scion show off more mainstream marketing aimed at a wider consumer audience.

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