There are plenty of reasons to steer clear of a cruise. We typically shy away from the idea of cramming ourselves onto a vessel filled to capacity with overweight American tourists, all waiting to descend on some unsuspecting port of call like a scourge of consumerist locusts. Now, we have another reason to pass on the big boats.

WFTV discovered a parking lot owner in Cocoa, Florida was taking customer vehicles out for little joy rides. The news crew promptly set up a little sting by renting a red Chevrolet Corvette Convertible and installing a GPS tracker. The car wasn't on the lot for six hours before Jay Nieves, the owner of Premier Parking Spot hopped in.

The news crew filmed Nieves thrashing the car on a dirt road, parking it at his home overnight, doing sizeable burnouts on the street, transporting lumber and leaving the car with the top down and driver's door wide open for extended periods of time. All told, Nieves clocked 60 miles on what he thought was a customer's car before the news crew confronted him about the situation. Nieves promptly denied everything. Scroll down for the full newscast.

Chevrolet Corvette Information

Chevrolet Corvette

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