How can you not be excited to see Jaguar getting back into the sports car business with a modern-day interpretation of the classic E-Type? Well, there is that one little issue with the F-Type powertrain that Jag announced during the Beijing Motor Show. In this day and age, a 380-horsepower V6 just doesn't cut it, supercharged or not. At least not when Mustangs are packing 662 horses.

Yes, we know the horsepower wars have lately gotten out of hand, but if Jaguar wants the F-Type to be taken seriously, it just plain needs a V8. And according to Car and Driver, it's going to be getting one. At least, eventually.

C/D says the F-Type will eventually get a version of Jag's 5.0-liter V8, although it doesn't know which one. Speculation says the supercharged variants in 470- and 550-horsepower states of tune are the most likely, as the base V8 only makes five more horsepower than the planned V6. The report also surmises that the initial roadsters will be six-cylinders when they debut in 2013, with the V8 models appearing further on in the production cycle.

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