It'll cost you a little more to pahk your cah in this yahd.

That's what one Boston parking lot owner is saying to SUV and other gas-guzzler vehicle drivers planning to use a new parking lot near the city's TD Garden, according to the Boston Herald.

Dinosaur Capital Partners will adjust pricing at its new Green Park & Charge to account for either particularly good or particularly bad fuel economy. Drivers of hybrids and plug-ins will get a 10 percent discount from the $10 hourly rate, while cars that get less than 15 miles per gallon will be charged an extra 10 percent.

The lot owner, which is spending $1.5 million on the new lot, is going one step further by including eight parking stalls that will have free charging stations, though the city government is paying for the stations themselves, according to the publication. Dinosaur Capital's Scott Oran justified the extra charge for SUVs, telling the Herald that heavier vehicles tear up parking lots quicker. Especially when they start doing donuts on it after having to pay $11 an hour.

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