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General Motors and Isuzu were partners for decades before parting ways in 2006. Even now, you can find the final hangover of an alliance that gave us vehicles like the Geo Storm and Chevrolet LUV in the GMC Canyon and Chevrolet Colorado smallish pickups.

The two companies may start negotiations soon for General Motors to once again take a stake in Isuzu Motors Ltd. with commercial vehicle sales in Asia and Central and South America as the goal, reports the Japanese Nikkei business daily.

GM would go in for ten percent of Isuzu, and this deal would likely spell the end for Toyota's 5.9-percent interest in Isuzu, as well as smother any capital partnership talks with Volkswagen. Isuzu developed the GMT355 trucks, and if lashed-up with GM again, a team effort to develop, produce and distribute pickup trucks is being considered. At ten percent, General Motors would pass Mitsubishi Corporation's 9.2-percent stake in Isuzu to become its largest single shareholder.

North American small pickup fans probably shouldn't get excited about this, as it appears aimed mostly at markets more suited to smaller trucks. With GM's new full-size pickups on the horizon, the General likely wants you to forget that there are any other choices for the time being.

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