Three years ago, Audi released the documentary Truth in 24 highlighting its three-car effort at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Despite the Four Ring's success at the race in the last decade, they were undoubtedly the underdogs to the much faster Peugeot teams that year, making for a Hollywood-like ending when Audi managed to take home the victory with teamwork and a little help from the weather.

The first film was such a success that Audi announced earlier this year that they would release Truth in 24 II, once again featuring their three-car team battling Peugeot at the world's most famous endurance race. We're fully expecting the film to be packed with drama, as last year's 24 Hours of Le Mans was one of the most action-packed and closest races of all time. Two bad crashes ended the race for two of the Audi teams, leaving a single R18 TDI to battle the Peugeots.

Sadly, with Peugeot having pulled out of the sport quite suddenly in January, it will also be the last such battle at Le Mans for the foreseeable future – all the more reason to watch the documentary when it comes out in a few weeks. For now we just have the trailer, which you can watch by scrolling below.

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