Ah, Catrinel Menghia. Fiat knows a good thing when it finds one, and so it's no surprise to see a trio of new advertisements staring the Romanian-born and Italian-speaking model alongside the 2012 500 Abarth.

First up is a minute-long montage showing the Scorpion-addled Abarth flung around the desert while Catrinel... well, stands around looking beautiful. Next, the turbocharged 500 drives down the Las Vegas Strip while Ms. Menghia walks around looking beautiful. Notice a trend?

In the third video of this new series, Catrinel finally gets to drive the Abarth in a race against a lucky cameraman. Well, sort of. The two cars are actually piloted by "professional drivers on a closed course" – as you can see, they are wearing helmets. Catrinel and the cameraman, on the other hand, emerge from their black and white 500s with hair blowing in the wind.

No matter. Clearly these videos are meant to build upon the first extremely successful tie-up between the model and the Italian hatchback. We've gone ahead and included that initial commercial, along with the three new ones, below. Enjoy!


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