To some residents of Midtown Manhattan, sex is a problem. Specifically, sex in cars is a problem and they've asked the Community Board to ban weekend parking on their streets.
The board granted the request, citing chronic drug use, double parking and rampant sex. Unfortunately, the board has no power to enforce the ban and is awaiting a review by the Department of Transportation. If passed, the NYPD will presumably get involved and start asking frisky fornicators to get a room.

Half the problem could take care of itself soon. Patrons of two nightclubs in the area are being blamed for the illegal displays of public affection, medication and parkification: The Parlour Midtown and Rebel NYC. The Parlour's liquor license is is under review due to "several violations."

And, by the way, if you're wondering how to properly do the backseat mamba, check out Carma Sutra (kinda NSFW) for some helpful tips. Just stay out of Midtown.

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