Say goodbye to the Maserati Kubang, and say hello to...well, we don't know what it'll be called yet, but we'll be seeing it come January 2014.

According to Automotive News Europe, Maserati will unveil the production version of its SUV – complete with a new name – at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show, a little over a year and a half from now. In the meantime, however, the Kubang concept (pictured above) that previews its form will be put into retirement.

This after the concept has made the rounds on the international circuit including the Frankfurt Motor Show (where it was first unveiled back in September), in Dubai (where it was shown to a large portion of its target market), at the Detroit Auto Show (near where it will be built alongside the Jeep Grand Cherokee on which it is based, with engines shipped in from Italy) and at the Beijing Motor Show, where it is currently on display for what is reportedly the last time.

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