You've never seen a 1981 Yenko Camaro? Maybe that's because only 19 were made and they usually sell for well north of what a new Camaro will cost you from your local Chevrolet dealer.

One gorgeously restored, matching numbers example is up for purchase on eBay Motors for the eye-watering Buy-It-Now price of $180k. But please consider the car's claimed history and stat sheet before passing judgement.

As the legend goes, in 1969, Yenko Chevrolet of Murray, Pennsylvania took a 12-year break from modding Camaros. But low compression '80s engines got under the skin of Don Yenko, and in 1981, the tuning legend proceeded to cram a turbocharged, four-barrel, 350 V8 under the hood of the second-generation car. Horsepower on the rare Yenko is unclear, but it should definitely be way more than the stock Z-28's meager 175 hp. Reports suggest this was to be Yenko's final big build, and the owner of this eBay find says this one is the very last 1981 Yenko produced.

On top of all that, the Charlotte, North Carolina seller says that the car has fewer than 30k miles, some of which were supposedly put there by curious automotive journalists. The winning bidder will get the original build sheet, window sticker and a production intent letter signed by Don Yenko.

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Chevrolet Camaro

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