A classic Porsche 911 scattered into smithereens during a high-speed, high-profile crash. Its driver was lucky to walk away unharmed.

Video captured the somersault-style crash as driver Bryan Taylor, 63, came up behind a Corvette that had lost control around a turn and clipped its rear end during the Philip Island Classic last month in Melbourne, Australia. His Porsche rolled three times, but he only had minor bruising caused by his safety harness.

"All I can remember was thinking to myself, 'When the hell is this thing going to stop,'" Taylor told the UK's Daily Mail. "I must say, I have a very good engineer who builds and prepares my car, and on viewing the car, it was quite clear that the roll cage had done its job."

Photographer David Apostal had his back turned to the initial wreck, but spun around in time to capture still shots of the Porsche at least 15 feet off the pavement.

"The car was bouncing on the ground like a rubber ball, and it seemed like an eternity before it finally came to rest," he told the newspaper. "Almost like it was happening in slow motion."

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