Clearly, we weren't the only ones who spent the better part of their childhoods building all manner of strange and wonderful Lego vehicles. We're pretty sure we had this design knocked out back in the early 80s, but as far as we know, exactly no one has figured out how to fit easily removable tracks to a conventional vehicle in real life. We've seen some pretty neat track conversions, mind you, but they've always required a fair bit of work and the removal of a vehicle's wheels. But not the Track N Go.

This creative solution for foul-weather-mastery comes from AD Boivin, a company better known for marketing products for powersports vehicles like motocross bikes and snowmobiles. The company says that this is the world's first wheel-driven track system, and judging by the video available after the jump, it appears quite capable when fitted to what looks like stock GMC Sierra and Ford F-Series Super Duty 4x4 pickups blasting through the snow.

The video indicates that the system is a prototype, and it doesn't show how easily the tracks can be secured to the vehicle's wheels (though it does briefly show that you drive onto the tracks before locking them in place – no jacking required). AD Boivin doesn't say if and when the Track N Go will actually come to market, let alone what sort of fitments will be available and how much the system will cost. While we're waiting, we'll just watch the video one more time...

GMC Sierra 1500 Information

GMC Sierra 1500

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