Do you spend a lot of time pinning your favorite things on Pinterest? Honda may be looking to hand you $500 as part of the company's first campaign on the social outlet. Honda is singling out active Pinterest users and handing some of them $500 to indulge in a "Pintermission" to make a visit to the places they've been pinning or pick up some of the retail items they've highlighted.

Honda is making its CR-V the focus of its first foray into Pinterest because it's a vehicle with a lot of appeal to women, much like Pinterest itself. So far, two of the women that have been handed a big, shiny check by Honda are putting the funds toward travel. One's going to London, the other is headed to Hawaii, according to Lauren Ebner, American Honda Motor Company's assistant manager of social media. We're watching Honda's board waiting to see what kind of artisanal luxury goods the CR-V inspires.

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