While we're not ready to label this the return of the Pontiac G8, count us eager to get behind the wheel of whatever a "2014 Chevrolet SS Performance" turns out to be. Hopefully the appearance of this reference on the OnStar website is more than just a digital placeholder.

Chevy SS rumors have been swirling lately, with General Motors registering the "SS" trademark earlier this month, just days after our spy shooters caught what looked like a hotted-up Impala. Then there's the NASCAR situation: Chevrolet has said its new entry in the racing series will be both a new vehicle and a new nameplate. We're guessing that car isn't going to be the Spark.

So this new OnStar "leak," if it is such a thing, would point to the Chevy SS being a separate model (you can check it out on OnStar's site here). If we are reading our tea leaves correctly, the model will be derived from the rear-drive Holden Commodore (the same Zeta architecture that underpins Chevrolet's law-enforcement-only Caprice PPV), while the brand's front-drive Impala will get a new, sportier variant. We'd also assume that the long-wheelbase version of the Commodore used for the Caprice cop car would donate its top-level powertrain, the 355-horsepower, 6.0-liter V8.

Maybe we should just press the OnStar button and ask?

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