Limousines? That's so last millennium. These days the pampered and rich in the know get chauffeured around in the back of pimped-out vans. Sure, they may look utilitarian on the outside, but inside, they're as luxe as a private jet. Mercedes-Benz has been at the forefront of the scene with its much-modified Sprinter vans, but that's not the only big box in its portfolio. And to drive that point home, the German automaker has just rolled in to Beijing with this tricked-out Viano.

Called the Viano Vision Diamond, the custom Benz wagon has a two-tone paint job that only hints at the Maybach-grade cabin that awaits inside. The windows (including the partition inside) have the same Magic Sky Control tinting technology as the roof on the new SL, the cabin is done up in Nappa leather (black for the chauffeur, white for the passengers), and the rear features reclining, temperature-controlled massage chairs, a champagne cooler with flutes, lighting, 40-inch flat screen and Bang & Olufsen sound system (all controlled by a specially-designed iOS app), wireless internet and diamond trim.

Drive us to the airport in one of these and we'd be inclined to just stay in the back, lapping up the luxury of it all. Instead, we'll just admire from afar in the high-res image gallery and press release after the jump.

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