What was that about reducing our need for oil?

It's been two years since the Deepwater Horizon oil rig suffered explosions and sank, leading to about 206 million gallons of crude spilling out of the BP well and into the water, marshes and beaches of the Gulf of Mexico. On top of that, around two million gallons of Corexit dispersant were also added, both on the surface of the water and at the wellhead itself. It's all cool now though, right?

Maybe not. To listen to the FDA and the EPA, seafood from the Gulf is safe, and all is well. However, that message is not in tune with what some scientists and fisherman are saying. In some areas it seems, shrimp, crab and fish populations are hugely decreased and what remains show an alarming rate of deformity. Tumors, lack of eyes, and running sores are just some of the visible signs of the impact that the spill is continuing to have on organisms in the region. Officialdom's seeming obliviousness is hardly comforting.

Hit the jump for a video overview of Al Jazeera's in-depth report on the issue, or better yet, read the whole article.

Now, about reducing our need for oil...

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