Unlike the Lamborghini cigarettes in South Korea, this is a collaboration between Swiss bike maker BMC and the real Lamborghini car company. The BMC impec Lamgorghini Edition is a version of the BMC's impec bicycle, further developed with Lamborghini's carbon-fiber experts and assembled using some automotive build techniques. It's set off by a suede Lamborghini saddle and suede handlebar tape, as well as an Aventador-matching Argos Orange downtube.

Only 30 will be offered for sale, and you'll need to have €20,000 ($26,172 U.S.) handy when you get to the cash register. Still with us? Then you can purchase it at your local Lamborghini dealer or a BMC bike retailer, and it's on display now at Milan's Brian&Barry boutique if you want to kick the tires. Softly.

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