Ever get the feeling that not every grand prix on the Formula One calendar should be worth as much as every other? Aside from the bragging points that go with winning a race like, say, the Monaco Grand Prix, maybe the most prominent races should be worth more championship points, too? So says Bernie Ecclestone, according to the latest reports.

The notoriously outspoken F1 supremo is always hatching new ideas on how to make the series more interesting, and his latest borrows from the world of competitive tennis. The four most important tournaments on the tennis circuit – the Australian Open, French Open, U.S. Open and Wimbledon – are not only more prominent in every way than any other, but they're also worth more points for the players who win them.

Since the current calendar of 20 races is the most F1 has ever seen and regarded as the most it could possibly accommodate, could awarding more points for a handful of iconic races be what the proverbial doctor ordered to mix things up? Maybe, but identifying which races would get the honor would be another matter. Out of 20 races, we'd pick Australia, Japan, Britain, Monaco, Canada and Brazil as the likely candidates. Is this a good idea? Have your own list in mind? Let's hear your thoughts in Comments.

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