Argentinian rally champ Lucas Bonetto can attest to the udderly day-ruining power of hitting a wayward cow on an ATV at open throttle. There's no way to know for sure, but we can guess Bonetto was thinking, "Oh, that's bull...!" right before T-boning this side of beef. Unlike some cows, most ATVs don't have horns, and even if Bonetto's did, there was little chance of it being herd over the roar of his quad. Plus, ATVs aren't exactly known for quick steering.

At the last moment, the cow tries to hoof it out of the whey but gets creamed anyway. The resulting crash will make your blood curdle. Luckily, Bonetto is chucked from his ride because it becomes hogtied with a barbed wire fence, rendered unusable for the rest of the race. The cow? Of course it ran off to hide, likely to get a good ribbing at the next celebrity roast. The race probably ground to a halt.

This wasn't Bonetto's first rodeo, and we'll steak our reputation on the bet that he'll go a little slower next time. And, yes, we know the video is from 2011. We thought we'd milk it just a bit more.

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