Domino's Pizza Safe Sound scooter is the funniest thing on two wheels

We've seen plenty of discussion on the merits of pedestrian warning systems for hybrid and all-electric vehicles. From synthesized engine sounds to the noise of George Jetson's flying car, automakers and the aftermarket industry have worked to come up with a way to keep people aware of a vehicle's presence.

Now it looks as if Domino's Pizza is having some fun with a safe sound system for the company's electric delivery scooters in the Netherlands. Using a human voice to replicate the sound of a small-displacement gasoline engine, the scooter is both hilarious and safe.

It also makes for good advertising, though we'd hate to be the guy behind the handlebars after a few hours on the job. Between synthesized revs, the "engine" exclaims "Domino's!" and "Pizza!" in what can only be described as the perfect Netherlands accent. Scroll down for a quick chuckle.

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