The 2012 Targa Tasmania is officially underway, having started on the 17th of April. While we'd give (nearly) any portion of our anatomy to see the spectacle in the flesh, we'll simply have to content ourselves with living vicariously through the miracle of YouTube for the time being.

Competitors use the prologue stages to work out any kinks in their vehicle as well as get a feel for the competition. As always, the range of vehicles in attendance is as wide as it gets. We're particularly fond of the fire-spitting Nissan GT-R, though the sight of a Holden Commodore SS ute thrashing about puts a smile on our faces, too.

The Targa runs through April 22, covering 366 miles of transit and rally stages in the process. We'll do our best to keep up with the coverage. In the meantime, you can check out the competitor list at the Targa site and click scroll down below for the Prologue recap.

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