We're losing track of how many top gunners post high-speed-run videos on public roads on YouTube and then get busted. Police take that tomfoolery personally, and you'd think they put the entire department on the case judging by how quickly the perps get caught.

Latest on the list is a Canadian motorcyclist who took his Yamaha on the Trans-Canada Highway and ran it to about 300 kph. CBC News now reports that the unidentified rider in question is 25 years old, unlicensed, riding an uninsured Yamaha R1 registered in his mother's name. Then there's the small matter of his 25 previous infractions.

Police wasted no time tracking down YouTube poster "Joe Blow," but he's been uncooperative up to now. We have no idea why he wasn't in jail already after 25 violations, but we're guessing his Internet handle will soon be changed to "Three Hots and a Cot." Scroll down to refresh your memory with a video demonstration of his stupidity.

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