We're not so sure how scientific its poll was, but an online dating service that calls itself the U.K.'s largest for married people says that men who cheat on their wives are twice as likely to drive a BMW than any other brand of car.

According to NineMSN.com, Illicit Encounters points to the "intrinsic link between success and cheating" to explain the connection between Bimmers and adultery. Some 19 percent of the dating website's members drive a BMW, including 11 percent of the women who responded to the survey, according to the report. Coming in second on the survey was Audi, with Mercedes-Benz a close third. While BMW may not be outwardly proud of this "victory," we're sure at least someone in Munich is glad to have bested its German rivals.

Speaking of which, scroll down to watch a classic Mercedes commercial about a "happily married" couple.

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