Occasionally, we get the impression Jeremy Clarkson is simply screwing with the rest of the world. Either that, or he has no bodily control over over the way his lips, tongue and vocal chords move.

In the past, the "Top Gear" presenter has been notoriously belligerent toward any form of transportation that doesn't involve the burning of hydrocarbons, bicycles included. After famously railing that bikes and cars have entered into an undeclared war in London, Clarkson has come out in support of Copenhagen's bicycle culture, calling it "fan-bleeding-tastic." If that's not strange enough, he claims he would live in the city in a heartbeat.

Confused? According to Clarkson, the difference is that, while bikes are forced to co-exist with cars in London, Copenhagen cyclists simply have to contend with one another. As a result, there's no weird high-visibility clothing required and significantly less hostility toward your fellow man.

Makes sense to us, though we have a hard time envisioning Clarkson on a bike. The last time the personality took to something with less than four wheels, it didn't go so well.

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